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An EAP provides significant benefits to an organisation, notably increased productivity, reduced costs, and enhanced organisational morale.

Increased Productivity

Productivity gains stem from a more focused approach by employees, who are less often distracted by work and personal issues when an EAP is utilised. In addition, organisations that implement an EAP are perceived by their employees as taking a greater interest in their wellbeing, which contributes to organisational harmony, and further enhances productivity.

Reduced Costs

Cost savings from an EAP are clear and substantial, arising from reductions in staff turnover (and its associated costs - recruitment, training etc), lower absenteeism, fewer accidents, less grievance activity, and fewer Workers Compensation claims.

Enhanced Organisational Morale

Work issues travel home, and problems at home are brought to work. An EAP helps employees to resolve both work and personal issues, and in so doing enhances organisational morale, through motivating individuals and teams to be at their best.


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